Shipping rates for sellers

Shipping rates for sellers is very important for your stores growth. Offering free shipping, or reducing delivery charges as much as possible, can help you win over undecided buyers, and grow your business substantially.


How to set competitive shipping costs

Tips for competitive shipping charges:

  • See what other sellers are charging to ship similar items
  • Consider building the price of shipping into the item’s price, so you can offer free shipping
  • Use our shipping calculator to estimate how much it costs to send your item through various carriers
  • See our article on UPS and UPS package types 
  • Make sure you’re allowing for packaging when checking the item’s size and weight
  • Decide whether you’re going to ship internationally, or just within the US
  • Think about whether you want to set a fixed shipping charge for all buyers, or use calculated shipping and charge buyers based on their location

Pricing your items

Pricing your items accordingly  will help them sell faster. Look for similar products on APX or on Google to get an idea of what other

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Seller Verification

APX has a built in seller verification system which verifies by Social, Address and Photo ID. We have this in place to provide users a

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