FAQ’s about USED or SECOND HAND Gear

Where can you buy USED Airsoft or Paintball gear?

There are multiple places in 2020 to buy USED gear. HopUp App, Amped Airsoft Market, Craigslist, Facebook Market, and Groups Reddit, eBay, Amazon. However, each has its own perks and disadvantages. Enter APX or Airsoft Post Exchange; none of the hassle and all of the perks these other places are missing. Create your own store and sell to your heart’s content without the limitations, then share your items among social media to get more exposure and sell your items FASTER!

How much does SECOND HAND/ USED Airsoft or Paintball gear usually sell for?

Based on the condition of your item, airsoft or paintball gear usually sells around 30% to 50% less than its current market value. Less if your item is painted over.

Is it worth buying USED/SECOND-HAND Airsoft or Paintball gear?

Absolutely. You can get amazing deals that you simply would never find at retail price. Just pay using Paypal via Goods and Services and you’ll have infinite buyer protection (to an unfair point for the seller). Paypal always sides with the buyer if you ever have the need to open a claim.

Buying second-hand guns, tips, or advice?

Buying a used airsoft gun is kind of like buying a used car – if you’re not knowledgeable about it, you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal or getting ripped off. Just because it looks fine on the outside doesn’t mean it won’t have problems internally and, just like cars, you also have some people that are willing to pawn off their lemons onto buyers who may not know any better. Go ahead and pick up a used gun if you’re buying from someone you trust, but if you’re thinking about giving stranger money for a gun (especially without physically handling it and inspecting it yourself), you’re probably better off just purchasing new. Use MyAPX to better your chances of selling or buying great gear from verified sellers. APX use’s a unique Verification system to limit scams providing a safer and better user experience than some of our competitors.

About MyAPX

So.. You’re curious about us and how APX became the Airsoft Post Exchange marketplace it is? Well, being an avid Airsoft player for many years now, accumulation of gear became overwhelming. Selling the used gear was a huge challenge since there’s no dedicated marketplace for that in the US.


The problem with multi-vendor e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon is that there is too much clutter. With classified advertisement websites similar to Craigslist, there’s the risk of getting swindled or worse while still paying to post.

So what do you do with all that unused gear? Know the expression, “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure?” Enter APX, where our GOAL is to connect Airsofters, Paintballers, Gear Enthusiast, and Businesses who are selling gear to the people who need it most. YOU, the players, and we’re doing it with none of the restrictions, extra clutter, and added fees.

Here at APX, our Core Values are simple. We believe in: 

  • QUALITY  by Delivering the HIGHEST Customer Service and Vendor Satisfaction 
  • ADAPTABILITY in Meeting your Demands
  • INTEGRITY by Making Sure Business is Handled Ethically.
  • DIVERSITY in Customers and Vendors 
  • AIRSOFT and Nothing but Airsoft, All the TIME 

What we’re doing here at APX is creating an online community strictly for airsofters, paintballers, gear enthusiasts, and businesses to share their extra gear. We do this by allowing vetted individuals and businesses to create their own space to list the gear they want to sell. “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure” and we live by that motto! Our goal is to make APX the one-stop-shop for any and all Airsoft needs.

We’d like to take a moment to thank you for being part of the APX family. We hope your experience here is a unique one. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out 24/7 @: [email protected] We appreciate all suggestions and comments.

Happy Shopping Airsofters!

Contact US 24/7:

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