Exfog March Madness

Summers FINALLY HERE and we still have ONE MORE ExFog Systems to giveaway. APX is excited about it’s new partnership and have successfully given away three ExFog systems to some lucky participants. We want everyone to spread the word about this contest and ring in Summer the right way. 

How do I Participate?

To enter into the ExFog March Madness Giveaway, participants must do the following:

  1. Register onto APX as a customer or a vendor
  2. Share this post on social media and tag your closest friends. 
  3. Write on our Facebook page “3 Reasons Why” you deserve an ExFog Anti Fog System

APX will then search that all criteria was met before submitting your email into our drawing. 

Aside from being entered into our ExFog Giveaway, participants also get commission FREE selling for 60 days to try out our new platform. 

Suffer from Stubby Finger Syndrome and dont want to wait for a giveaway?

If that’s just to much for you and you just want your ExFog Anti-Fog System like yesterday, then pre-order from APX and get the ExFog Anit-Fog system for only $76.95. If you want to skip the lines and pre-order you unit today? Then send us a message with a title, “I want my ExFog” and we’ll put you on our list. 

Deal of the Month
- 29% Full Package
$175.00 $125.00
Hurry Up! Limit Quantity Available

ExFog March Madness Rules

Giveaway registration begins March 15th at 09:00 and runs through June 15th 2020 00:00. Early entries will not be accepted and will only be considered between those dates and times. Contest winners will be announced on June 30th, 2020 on the site and via email. 

For entries to be considered you must fulfill all required criteria and be an active user at the time of contest announcement. Participants may only register one email address and store. Multiple email and registration entries will be deleted and not considered. 

In order to receive 60 days commission FREE selling along with your ExFog entry, participants must be an active user for the duration of the contest. If no account activity has been recorded on APX within 14 days of registration. Your account will automatically lose it’s 60 days commission FREE privilege go up to the standard 8% Final rate. 


Make some NOISE and share the Excitement!

APX is here to stay and with this product; your wallet and equipment simply can’t lose. Come and spread the word about APX and make this your new home when it comes to selling your used Airsoft or Paintball gear. Contest starts March 15th, looking forward to seeing you. 

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