DOMINUS M224A1 Airsoft Mortar by TAGinn Announced At StrikeCon 2020

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DOMINUS M224A1 Airsoft Mortar by TAGinn Announced At StrikeCon 2020

DOMINUS M224-A1 Airsoft Mortar

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The DOMINUS M224A1 Airsoft Mortar is COMING and it will DOMINATE the playing field as well as add more realism to a sport that’s ever growing. The Dominus M224A1 is an exact replica of the Military’s M224A1 Lightweight Mortar system developed in 2011. Wiki It! 

Just looking at this Bad Boy I can only simply tell and express this one thing. I F’ing WANT ONE! You can see and read for yourself why in a moment.

The REAL M224A1 consists of the M225A1 tube, M170A1 bipod assembly, M7A1 baseplate, M8 auxiliary baseplate and the M64A1 sight unit. By reducing the number of components and using lighter materials the mortar system weighs 20% less with a reduction of 9.3 lb (4 kg).

The “DOMINUS” is a scaled pneumatic replica of M224-A1 US Army’s 60mm mortar. However, the caliber for the “DOMINUS” is a 45mm instead of 60mm for safety purposes. Whilst you are thinking of saving up for this for your own use, TAGinn is very blunt in saying that is not cheap. An airsoft team can pool their money together to purchase this since it requires a team to operate it, or if you are a game organizer or airsoft game site owner, then you can purchase one to spice up the game with a realistic airsoft mortar system. But if you are an individual airsoft player with lots of spare cash or a large bank account, then no one’s stopping you from having your own DOMINUS  M224A1 Airsoft Mortar System.

What Type Of Rounds Will The DOMINUS Support?

There are two types of 45mm mortar rounds that can be used with the system. The first one is the Impact Round which is in green colour in the video. This round bounces to up to 1 metre upon impact and then explodes in 0.3 seconds. This approach is meant to avoid the pyro round exploding on someone upon impact, giving a safety margin. The other round, in orange colour, is the smoke round, which of course is for laying down smoke to help your team move under the cover of smoke.

How Will It Shoot? HPA, Green Gas, C02?

The DOMINUS M224A1 will be pneumatic and use HPA. Depending on the pressure regulator, the maximum range is around 150 to 300 meters which is actually a nice range in airsoft. This is recommended for events or game sites which have bigger land areas for their AO. Thus, game organizers will have to be very clear in the use of such device as error in use can lead to the rounds falling out of bounds such as the parking or safe zones.

DOMINUS M224-A1 Final Thoughts

Whilst there is no pricing mentioned, just be warned that it is not going to be cheap. As to when it is going to be released, there is no mention as of yet by TAGinn. I’ll find out more and keep you all updated.

Thank you for visiting and if you liked this article give me your thoughts about the DOMINUS M224-A1 and how you’d utilize this system? How much do you think it’ll be? 

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