Stuck at Home with Nowhere 2 Go? Top 2 DIY Thunder B Mods to Make Them Go Boom in 2020!

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APX DIY Thunder B Mod

Still stuck at home with no where to go this month? Then why not try some DIY Thunder B Mods which are an oldie but goodie in the airsoft community. Before we get into this, I do hope everyone is well and following your governments Social Distancing guidelines.

Anyways, we’re just finishing up the first week of April and this years April Fool’s joke comes in the form of yet another month with a majority of businesses still closed. However, that shouldn’t stop you from refining your game, tactics and gear until we’re back to normal and one of these DIY mods can be done with no money. Now I do warn you to do these mods in a safe manner. You will want to put on some protective eye gear and work somewhere with space in case your C02 cartridge prematurely erupts. Also I take no responsibility if something goes wrong, so you do these mods at your gears and your own risk.  

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Why Preform a Thunder B Mod?

So there’s a couple of reasons why you’d want to do these mods on your Thunder B. 

Reason #1 – First common reason is that the striker pin doesn’t sufficiently pierce the 12 gram CO2 powerlet cartridge inside the core unit.

Reason #2 – The other common reason Thunder B’s don’t go off is due to a poor air seal between the top of the core unit and the disposal shell.

Now personally, myself and teammates have consistently run into these issues, however the good news is that we have these very mods to overcome them. 

DIY Thunder B Mod # 1 - If your Strike Pin Fails to Pierce Cartridge

APX DIY Thunder B Mod pic 2

So the first DIY Thunder B mod were going to tackle requires nothing more then a penny or dime. Pennies in my opinion work well, however it still comes down to trail and error. So this mod addresses the issue of your Thunder B’s strike pin not puncturing your c02 cartridge. 

First thing you’ll want to do is grab your pennies or dimes and Thunder B’s core. The trick here is that the coin will seat the cartridge higher up into the core, closer to the pin’s at-rest position, so that when the hammer strikes the pin, the pin will travel farther into the CO2 cartridge, substantially increasing the chances that your Thunder B Grenade will detonate, causing a massive boom and dead or disoriented OPFOR ( opposing force ).

This mod is extremely simple to do and works well. By doing this to your Thunder B, you’ll almost guarantee your grenade will go off when it needs to. 


DIY Thunder B Mod # 2 - If you have a poor air seal between the top of the core unit and the disposal shell.


The second mod we’re going to cover addresses the poor air seal between the Thunder B Core’s threading and the threading on the Thunder B disposable shells. This is the issue that causes your grenade not to go off in most cases.

The only thing we’ll require for this simple fix is good ol’ Polytetrafluoroethylene or better know as Teflon Tape. Cool thing is; if you don’y have some Teflon tape readily available, you can find this at your local hardware shop for about a buck or so. 

Good ol’ PTFE.  Yea baby.  Teflon Tape FTW.  I probably over-do it with about 6-7 complete wraps around the Thunder B shell threads, but I don’t believe in taking chances here, especially since an entire roll of Teflon Tape goes for about a buck at the hardware store like I mentioned.  So yea, I’m pretty liberal with it.  But that’s as far as my liberalness goes, so don’t get too worried there, my gun-loving friends. 

Now once you’re ready to screw in your Thunder B Core to the shell, make sure to do so good and tight to really ensure that thing is going to bring the Thunder! (pun intended), and there you have it! A fully sealed Thunder B ready to bring on some pain.

Here’s a solid video tutorial and explanation on how it’s done. 

DIY Thunder B Final Thoughts

So as promised, there’s two great DIY Thunder B mods that will help address some of it’s common issues you may experience in the field. I do hope everyone that reads this finds it useful and if you have any DIY Thunder B Mods to add on to this article, please feel free to drop those ideas into the comments below. 

Stay safe everyone and if you don’t need to be out at the moment. Don’t. You’ll help your family and others stay safe that way. Till the next time. 

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