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Welcome to the APX Classified Directory. Please follow the rules or you could face the possibility of getting banned with no chance of a refund if you paid for any of our services.

By joining these classifieds you agree to the rules laid out here and in our APX’s Classified Terms and Conditions.

These rules were created to promote a fun, efficient, and safe environment here on APX. And we always want you to remember that to be a member of APX and APX Classifieds is a PRIVILEGE, not a “Right”.

In order for you to be a part of these directories, you must follow the rules. Failure to do so will lead to your classified account being suspended, deactivated, or deleted with no chance of a refund if you paid for any of our services.


ALL APX Classified users are required to use PayPal, Stripe, or equivalent financial services in order to process transactions on APX. This ensures both parties are protected. APX does NOT recommend using any cash services that don’ have buyer/seller protections in place.

Airsoft weapons with NO Orange Tips in pictures WILL NOT BE ALLOWED

Accounts that have been inactive for over 6 months will be deactivated.

These classifieds are solely for offering your airsoft or paintball related services. No other services will be allowed to post here.

Self Promoting is ALLOWED (This includes but not limited to videos, pages, groups, and events) You do NOT need admins the approval to market yourself or your products.

Any listings featuring phones, games, or anything unrelated to airsoft or paintball (with the exception of action cameras, other cameras, drones, and Airsoft/Paintball related items) will be removed.

Trade offers are not banned from APX, however not recommend without proper research. Ask questions if you’re unsure, and don’t be afraid to ask for more information or look users up on social media.

NO cheap mislabeled misleading or knockoff goods related to airsoft/paintball gear is allowed. This includes transparent spring weapons, unbranded/ziplocked bbs, unboxed USED targets, paintball loaders heavily damanged or used, etc. with clear indications it is NOT the real deal from the respected brand. APX prides itself on quality and If we find it, we will pull it.

No “Show me your load-outs” post. This isn’t Facebook.

Item to be sold/traded must be in hand before making a WTS/WTT post.

APX claims zero liability if you are scammed. APX is not responsible for your loss.

No Contests! No Exceptions!

Listings must be detailed and contain all parameters require. Clear pictures must be posted along with the condition of the item you are selling. No outside links with pictures of your item you’re selling. This creates an unsafe zone for buyers and sellers in most cases. For everyone’s protection, we have reserved plenty of space for your item’s pictures. Buyers or sellers have no reason to leave the site to view pics. All pictures of items you plan to sell must be posted in your ad and be clear. If you are unsure of what you are selling or the value of your product(s) DO YOUR RESEARCH. APX will pull any listings that don’t meet these criteria. Service listings must clearly state what you are offering/promoting. Services offered must use PayPal, Stripe or equivalent to ensure both parties are protected.

No offensive material or vulgar language in you listings

No lowballing or price gouging. This goes back to doing your research. APX has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to price gouging. If we see it, we’ll kindly suggest a listing price for your item. If we see it posted again with the same price range as prior, APX well remove your listing without a refund if you paid for services. Lowballers will receive ONE warning from APX. A second incident will result in suspension.

No Thread-jacking. Or claiming listings.

Trade and sell at your own risk.

Changed your mind and rather open a store?

Try to search: M4, Trigger, CRYE, M110 Spring, Pistols

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Search in radius 10 miles
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