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These blogs are geared for that person with the DIY attitude and mentality. Each Airsoft Mod article is packed with useful information you can tackle on your own in your very own home, with little to no money. Drop us some suggestions on what to write on next.

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Yes I Can Fix It! Airsoft Tech Know Your Equipment

Well is it safe to assume that, we’ve all been there? And if you're new to airsoft, and wondering what I'm rambling about? Trust me it will ...

Stuck at Home with Nowhere 2 Go? Top 2 DIY Thunder B Mods to Make Them Go Boom in 2020!

Still stuck at home with no where to go this month? Then why not try some DIY Thunder B Mods which are an oldie but goodie in the airsoft community. Before ...

Stuck at Home with Nowhere 2 Go? Top 7 DIY Camo Options for your Weapons or Gear for 2020

We have to admit it; 2020 for most got off to an awful start. We have the lovely Coronavirus wrecking havoc, leaving people and businesses in it's wake. With ...

Stuck at Home with Nowhere 2 Go? Top 7 DIY Airsoft Mods You Can Do at Home in 2020

Stuck at home with some time on your hands? Want to upgrade your airsoft gun but can’t afford much more than pocket change to spare? In that case, you’re ...

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