Why Use MyAPX???


Here's Four MORE Reasons Why...


One Simple Reason. It's Simple!

From any page, you can start by registering and adding a product from either your new dashboard or the "Add Product" button found on the top menu or footer. Once you filled out the basics, you can post and share you new products immediately to a wide variety of places all from you computer or phone without any admin inference, literally in less then 5 mins. Just keep it Airsoft/Paintball related.

It's that Simple! What's Next.

Full Throttle Selling. No Limits!

If you've ever attempted to sell on FB Marketplace or Reddit. You may have had your efforts to do so thwarted before you can even click "POST". While these outlets have their limitations, We don't limit you as a seller on APX. Instead we encourage you share the site using our built in social tools and make APX your permanent home when it comes to selling or buying new or second hand gear.

Sell to your Hearts Content.

Fair Price

No Price Gouging Here!

Unlike other airsoft or paintball selling outlets where prices are highly unregulated and could cost you a pretty penny if you're buying from an un-savvy seller. APX monitors vendors and makes sure prices are set accordingly to market value and encourage vendors to research before posting final asking prices. If we see something off, we notify the seller right away and suggest a better listing price which makes for a happier, returning customer.

No Price Gouging here!

social media icons

Use the Power of Social Media

With our built in social networking tools. Selling, buying and sharing your passions has never been easier. Using our integrated social tools to share your wishlist or a favorite article you just read. Post a product and share it to Pintrest or Instagram marketing yourself in a instant. Or just simply make friends and share your favorite items in private messages.

Skies the limit with the Power of Social Media

Spread the Word
Register Today and Make a Fuss without all the Fuss

Pick out some old gear, take some great photos and start making some friends and your money back. Don't waste your time in places that limit your selling abilities and on apps that don't have a verification system or even a decent search built-in. See what selling your gear feels like to the right people.

Still need more reasons to use APX?

Check out this “Where to Sell your Used Gear” fact sheet and compare the pros and cons of other places yourself.  We’re confident that APX will offer more for your efforts. 

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