Track items you’ve sold

Uploading tracking details after you’ve sent an item enables you and your buyer to track items you’ve sold.

When you upload tracking information, you provide your buyer with more confidence that their item will reach them. You’re also protecting yourself in case your buyer doesn’t receive the item and opens an APX Money Back Guarantee request.

How to add, edit or delete tracking details

Once you’ve sent your item, you can add tracking details through Dashboard or My APX, whether your item was bought by an APX member or a guest buyer. You can also edit or delete tracking details in the same place. Here’s how:

  1. On your Dashboard Orders page, go to Paid and shipped and find your order.
  2. Select the order by checking the box next to it.
  3. Select the Dispatch dropdown menu and then Add tracking number.
  4. Add, edit or delete the tracking number and the carrier, then select Save.

The buyer will then get an email with the order tracking details.

Marking an item as shipped

An item will automatically be “marked as shipped” if you use an APX shipping label or manually upload a tracking number. If you sent an item to a buyer using a different method and it is still not showing as shipped, you can manually mark it as shipped:

  1. Go to the Awaiting shipment section of the ‘Orders‘ tab.
  2. Tick the Actions box beside the item you shipped.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Mark as shipped

Item not received requests

If a buyer opened an item not received request, the request will close automatically within 24 hours when tracking details show the item has been delivered to the buyer’s ZIP code.

Both you and the buyer will get an email notification. The buyer will be able to ask APX to step in within that 24 hours if they still haven’t received the item.

If you buy and print labels on APX, the order tracking number is uploaded automatically, and you could also save money on shipping.

Shipping insurance

As a seller, you’re responsible for the safe delivery of your items to the buyer, so you should consider purchasing insurance, particularly for high value goods. You can purchase other types of insurance online. Check with your shipping carrier to find the best coverage.

You can include the cost of insurance in your shipping rates, but you can’t charge it as a separate cost. 

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