Labels and packaging tips

Our labels and packaging tips page will help you find out what you need to know about getting your item to your buyer quickly and safely.

After you’ve made a sale on APX, the next step is getting the item safely to your buyer. Our packing guide offers advice for when you’ve got a large or awkwardly shaped package to send.

Once you’ve got your item packaged, find out how you can save time and money by printing your shipping labels on APX.

You don’t need any special equipment to print labels; just use standard paper in your printer, and tape them to your package.

Packing your sold items: How to package all of your items, including irregularly shaped goods.

Printing and voiding shipping labels: How to create, print and void your shipping labels.

USPS and UPS package types: Learn about the various USPS and UPS package types and shipping services.

Changing the order's shipping address

To be protected as a seller under APX Money Back Guarantee, you should only ship orders to the address specified by the buyer at checkout. If a buyer contacts you and asks you to ship their item to a different address, you can still do so, but you won’t be protected if the buyer opens an APX Money Back Guarantee claim.

The best option is to cancel the transaction; the buyer can then repurchase the item and check out with the correct shipping address.

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Shipping rates for sellers

Shipping rates for sellers is very important for your stores growth. Offering free shipping, or reducing delivery charges as much as possible, can help you

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