Estimated delivery dates for sellers

For buyers, knowing when they can expect an item to arrive is an important factor when making a purchase. That’s why vendors should always show estimated delivery dates on APX listings.

The estimated delivery date shown on your listings is based on the time it takes you to pack and ship items (your handling time), and the delivery or courier services you offer. To access those settings. Go to your Order Dashboard> Settings> Shipping> Shipping Settings.

Once there you can edit your processing time from the drop down menu. 


Weekend and holiday deliveries

Weekends and holidays aren’t included in estimated delivery dates, even though some carriers deliver on weekends.

A buyer may contact you if they specifically need a weekend delivery, or if they want a faster delivery option. If they’re willing to pay any difference in cost, it’s up to you whether to accept their request or not.

Express delivery on APX

To appeal to buyers who need items quickly, consider adding express delivery services, such as overnight, next-day, or same-day delivery to your listing.

To offer express delivery:

  1. Go to the Shipping details section when creating a listing.
  2. Choose your preferred carrier(s) from the Services dropdown menu.

Always make sure to send your items on time or your late delivery rate may be affected. For more information on how your performance is rated, see our article on Seller levels and performance standards.

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