Setting up your return policy

Setting up your return policy is essential to saving time. Especially when managing return requests, you can set up rules to automatically accept returns or send immediate refunds.

When you sell on APX, you need to state whether you accept returns or not, and if so, under what conditions. For example, you might assert who pays for return shipping or that you’re willing to accept returns for a specific period of time after a sale. Whatever you decide your policy is, it needs to be clearly specified in your listings.

If your policy is to accept returns, you can set up rules that automate the way that you manage different parts of the return process. For example, you can create rules to:

  • Accept some returns automatically, while continuing to process others manually
  • Refund the buyer automatically and allow them to keep the item if the return shipping cost is higher than the item’s cost
  • Provide different return addresses for different items

Handling some returns automatically not only saves you time, it’s also great customer service: the buyer gets their return request sorted right away.

Your returns rules options

You can choose to offer one of the following return policies:

  • No returns
  • 30-day buyer-paid returns
  • 30-day free returns
  • 60-day buyer-paid returns
  • 60-day free returns

Setting your returns rules

Here’s how to set your returns rules:

  1. Go to Orders Dashboard> Settings> Shipping.
  2. Click on the gear in the center of the page. 
  3. Choose the appropriate shipping processing time for your zone.
  4. Enter your shipping policies on the next line.  
  5. Lastly enter your return policy before saving your settings.

Changes to your return rules will automatically apply to all future return requests but won’t apply to returns already in progress.

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