Seller Verification

APX has a built in seller verification system which verifies by Social, Address and Photo ID. We have this in place to provide users a safer e-commerce environment. Trusted sellers also sell more since they’ve already gone through the vetting process thus showing users they’re legit. You must be 18 or older to join this site as well as to sell or buy.

How do I verify my store?

Verification can only be done in one place and can be found in you Orders Dashboard>Settings>Verification. 


It’s recommended you verify yourself using all three methods however if you choose not to use all three it’s up to you. When submitting an ID you’ll be given three options. APX recommends you submit a drivers license however if you don’t have one you can submit a state ID or passport instead. Under NO circumstances will APX share or use this information for marketing purposes. This process solely is to identify and verify ones identity in our system. Once you information is submitted to APX for verification, APX will either accept or reject your request. All photos must be clear with picture and current address is needed in order to be approved. 

Good picture

sample license

Bad picture

blurry ID photo

ID’s/Passports must be valid and contain your current address. A clear photo must be visible. APX will not accept expired ID’s or passports. Work ID’s, library cards or other non state or non federal issued ID’s are also not acceptable. 

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