Replying to feedback you received for an item you sold

Replying to feedback doesn’t affect your seller performance, we understand that positive feedback is important to you. If you believe feedback you received from a buyer isn’t accurate or fair, you can try to resolve the situation by replying to the feedback or by requesting a feedback revision.

To try to resolve the issue, we recommend that you reply directly to the buyer’s feedback, or ask the buyer to revise their original rating and comment. 

Reply to your buyer

You can reply to your buyer through the review section in your Orders Dashboard> Reviews. Once you reply, your comment will appear directly below the buyer’s feedback comment. 

Review dashboard

Send a feedback revision request to your buyer

You can only request a revision for feedback that is less than 30 days old. You can make 5 feedback revision requests per calendar year.

What happens when you ask for a feedback revision?

When you send a feedback revision request to a buyer, we’ll send them an email with all the details.

The buyer then has 10 days to either:

  • Revise the feedback: If the buyer accepts the request, we’ll guide them through the process of changing their rating and comment. When they revise feedback, their original comments will no longer be visible on APX.
  • Decline the request: If the buyer declines the request, they can choose whether to share their reasoning with you.

If the buyer hasn’t taken any action after 7 days, we’ll send a reminder. If the buyer still hasn’t responded after 10 days, the revision request will expire. Remember, even disappointing feedback is just one person’s opinion and won’t affect your seller performance.

In some cases, we may remove or adjust feedback. You can learn more about this in our Seller performance and defect removal policy.

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