Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to communicate with whomever you’re trading with. My APX: Messages lets you keep track of messages you’ve exchanged with other APX members as well as read any communications from us.

To go to your messages, select the button below. 

You can always view your APX Messages by signing in to My APX and selecting Messages. We will be building out a number of features to help you organize and keep track of your communications.

How to message a member on APX

How you send a message to another APX member will depend on whether you’ve already done business with them or if you sent a friends request and they added you back:

  • If the member is someone you haven’t transacted with before, you can select Contact from their member’s profile page or choose to “Add a Friend”. To find a profile page, simply click on a member’s username.
  • If you’ve bid on, bought from, or sold to the member, you can use My APX to contact them. Find the member’s item in My APX, and from the More actions menu, select Contact seller or Contact buyer. Type your message and select Send.

We’ll send your message to the member’s APX Messages inbox and their personal email address. You can choose to send a copy to your registered email address as well.

Sellers sometimes provide answers to commonly asked questions. We may display this information for you before providing you with a direct contact link.

How to change your email settings and notifications

Here’s how to change the way your messages are displayed and archived:

  1. Go to My APX: Messages.
  2. Select the Settings Cog on the middle right of the page.
  3. Once you’ve entered your settings, select Save Changes.

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