Return shipping for sellers

When dealing with return shipping for sellers; Who pays for return shipping—you or the buyer—depends on the reason they’re returning the item and your return policy.

If the buyer is sending an item back because it doesn’t match the listing description or it arrived damaged or faulty, you’re responsible for the cost of return shipping, even if you don’t offer returns.

If they simply changed their mind or ordered the wrong item, who pays for return shipping is determined by your return policy. If you stated you offer free returns, you have to pay; otherwise, you can ask the buyer to cover the cost.

We recommend using a tracked service for return shipping. Tracking lets you know the item is on its way, and APX can see the progress of the return in case we’re asked to step in. When you use an APX label, tracking is automatically included.

Return shipping options

When you’re responsible for return shipping, you can choose from a number of options in the return request form. To get to the return request form, go to your Returns dashboard and select View return details. If you’ve accepted the buyer’s return or offered to send them a replacement, you can choose one of the following options to let them ship the item back to you.

Send an APX shipping label

If the package meets USPS size requirements, you can purchase a return shipping label through the return request and send it to your buyer. They can then print the label and use it to send the item back to you.

Here’s how to send an APX shipping label from the View return details section:

  1. Select Send an APX shipping label.
  2. Confirm your return address on the label.

Return shipping labels don’t include insurance. If you want return shipping to be insured, see our section on alternative return shipping options.

Provide your own pre-paid label

If you’d rather the buyer use your preferred shipping carrier for return shipping, or if an APX label isn’t available, you can provide your own return label.

When using your own carrier, make sure to upload the label and tracking details to the buyer’s return request. For items worth more than $750, signature confirmation is required. 

Here’s how to send your own label from the View return details section:

  1. Select Upload a shipping label and then the upload image icon.
  2. Choose the label you want to send to your buyer.
  3. Select your carrier and enter the tracking number.

Ask the buyer to use a label you sent along with the item

If you included a return shipping label with the item when you sent it to the buyer, you can let them know that they should use that to send it back to you.

Here’s how you can let the buyer know about the label from the View return details section:

  1. Select your carrier and enter the tracking number.
  2. Add a message to the buyer.
  3. Tick the box beside I provided a return label with the original item.

Offer to send funds for the return shipping cost

Use the carrier’s shipping calculator to find out how much return shipping will cost. If you’re unable to determine the cost, contact the buyer and ask them to provide a quote.

Ensure that the amount includes tracking, and on items that are valued at $750 or more, include signature confirmation.

How to send funds to the buyer:

  1. Contact the buyer through APX Messages, and ask which PayPal account they’d like the funds sent to.
  2. Send the funds by logging in to your PayPal account and selecting the Send feature.
  3. Ask the buyer to confirm that they’ve received the funds and to upload tracking to the return request so you can see that the item is on its way.

Accommodate the return another way

If you prefer, you can provide the buyer with another method of returning the item. For instance, you can offer to pick up the item in person or let them drop the item off at your closest store. If you want to provide an alternative method of returning the item, simply select Confirm you will facilitate the return from the View return details section.

Sometimes returning an item may require additional, alternative shipping arrangements, such as:

  • Shipping a return with insurance: Insurance isn’t available for return shipments that use APX labels. If you or the buyer prefer that an item be returned with insurance, purchase your own return postage with insurance instead of using the return shipping label provided.
  • Returning multiple packages: For each return requested through My APX, we generally provide one return shipping label. If the buyer finds that they need multiple return shipping labels to ship multiple packages back to you, ask them to contact you to make alternative shipping arrangements for the packages.
  • Item is outside USPS guidelines: An APX return shipping label is only available for items within the USPS size and weight guidelines. If the package is outside of USPS guidelines, you need to make alternative shipping arrangements.
  • Item was originally delivered by freight or local pickup: When you’re responsible for return shipping costs and you need to make alternative shipping arrangements, speak to the buyer to agree on the service and cost before they send the item. Make sure that they include the packing slip, tracking, and for items valued at $750 or more, signature confirmation.

When the buyer wants to return an item using alternative shipping arrangements and you’re responsible for the return shipping charges, they’ll need to work with you to agree on the shipping service and cost before returning the item.

If the buyer uses alternative shipping arrangements, the return shipping charges aren’t included in any APX Money Back Guarantee refunds, even if you agreed to pay return shipping charges.

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