Sending invoices to buyers

Sending invoices to buyers is a rarity. If your buyer hasn’t gone directly through APX checkout, you may need to send them an invoice.

There are a number of situations where it’s useful to send an invoice to your buyer:

  • The buyer is purchasing several items from you, and you want to combine them into a single purchase.
  • You need to change some of the transaction details, such as shipping charges or payment method (although this should only be done at the buyer’s request).
  • The buyer hasn’t paid for an auction they’ve won, and you want to send them a reminder.

You can’t send an invoice if it’s been more than 30 days since the listing ended.

How do I send or revise an invoice?

You can send or revise an invoice from either My APX or Your Dashboard.

  1. Find the item:
  2. From Actions, select Send invoice.
  3. Make any necessary changes (to shipping charges, payment methods, etc.).
  4. Select Send invoice.
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