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PayPal Adaptive Payments is no longer accepting applications for new e-commerce sites. So APX vendors can NOT get paid directly from  customers using PayPal when they buy something on our site. Instead it goes to APX directly and vendors have to request a ” Withdraw” in order to complete their transactions. Because we want our vendors to get paid as soon as possible, we encourage ALL of our vendors to sign up to Stripe Connect to get paid directly once the transaction is complete.


Subsequently if your customers still decide to pay via PayPal, you will have to initiate a “Withdraw” request from your Dashboard in order to complete the Getting Paid process. 

Paypal Getting Paid #1
Once logged in, from your Dashboard click on Setings located in the lower left menu
Paypal Getting Paid Step 2
Once your in Settings click on Payment and enter your PayPal email address.

After you’ve entered your PayPal email address into your payment settings, vendors can then request a “Withdraw” funds from their settings in order for APX to pay them out directly from PayPal. 

Now APX does NOT charge additional fees when customers use PayPal or Stripe on APX. However, if you receive payments to your PayPal account from APX, PayPal will charge a 2.9% fee and $0.30 per transaction when customers completes a sale. APX has no control over PayPal or Stripe fees or charges and recommend our customer use Stripe Connect instead to get paid immediately when a customer completes a transaction. 


Visit PayPal’s help center for information on their service fees

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