Feedback and Reviewing Profiles

Feedback & reviewing profiles allow you to see how APX members are rated by the other APX users they’ve traded with.

The feedback profile page shows a member’s overall feedback score, what percentage of their ratings have been positive, recent feedback they’ve received, detailed seller ratings, and any positive/negative retractions. You can also find out how long someone has been an APX member.

Viewing a feedback profile

You can view a member’s feedback profile—including your own—by selecting the number in brackets next to their username. This number is their current feedback score.

Can you make feedback public or private

We keep all seller and buys feedback profiles and reviews public. It helps you earn the trust of other APX members, increasing the likelihood that they’ll trade with you.

We also maintain strict ethics when trading and expect reviews to be genuine in nature. Reviews or feedback can only be left by other APX members and must not be defaming in nature. 


Reviews can NOT be altered once published however vendors have the option of submitting a review or feedback from profile if:

  • Reviewer shows intentions of defacing seller
  • Review or feedback is false in nature. APX checks purchase history
  • Review or feedback is spammed or has no correlation to product or vendor
  • Seller Buyer leaving review or feed back is flagged, reported, or blacklisted from site


Reviews are intended for sellers and buyers to gain trust among the APX community and shouldn’t be used in ill-manner. See our Feedback Polices here.

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