HANDS DOWN The Best Airsoft Guns For 2020

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Hands DOwn Best Airsoft Guns For 2020

Now that we’re a month into 2020, many new and existing players are still scouring the internet looking for the best airsoft guns that offer the best bang for their buck!  Some of these Airsoft Guns have been around for a bit making them NOT so NEW per say, however they’ve proven their worth and have the sales numbers to prove it. Now I’ve complied a list of all the BEST Airsoft guns your money can buy from 2020 and beyond and we’re gonna cover quite a few. So grab cup of Joe or tea and lets wrangle up the Internets Best Airsoft Guns for 2020.  

Table of Contents

What is an Airsoft Gun? For you beginners of course..

Airsoft guns are replica weapons that propel non-metallic spherical projectiles in the same manner that a real firearm discharges a bullet. The number one appeal of airsoft guns is that they resemble their real steel counterparts. In the case of many cheaper airsoft guns, you can tell the difference between an airsoft gun and a real firearm. However, the more expensive airsoft guns can sometimes look exactly identical to the real thing. In fact, higher quality airsoft guns are often licensed from legitimate firearm manufacturers to replicate the same dimensions, aesthetics, and weight of a real firearm. 

Just like firearms, airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy airsoft guns that shoot at long ranges such as snipers or get close and personal with guns designed for CQB such as SMGs, Shotguns and handguns.

Different Types of Airsoft Guns

As previously stated, airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter your playing style, whether you’re a long range player, CQB expert, or gun ho stormtrooper, there is a gun suited to match your style. The most common gun type employed on your typical airsoft fields are automatic electric guns (AEGs). Think of a real assault rifle that fires off multiple rounds with a single trigger pull. AEG’s operate in the same way, in which a gearbox system allows the gun to fire off multiple BBs with the single pull of a trigger. 

AEGs that have a select fire option typically have three options: single fire, burst fire, and full automatic. You can further break down the burst fire option to two and three burst rounds. Select fire gives players more tactical options on the battlefield. Some airsoft guns are simply fully automatic, in which the motor in the gearbox repeatedly engages the mechanism and BBs are fired in a rapid succession.

Another gun type you’ll find on airsoft fields are guns that operate on gas. With this gun type, gas is used to propel a BB down the barrel of the airsoft gun and sent on a trajectory towards its target. The most popular gas powered guns tend to be pistols, many of which have a blowback feature that gives off the same appearance of firing a real handgun. In most cases, you’ll find most serious players run an AEG as their primary weapon and a gas-powered pistol as their secondary. Main gas-types available are C02, Green-Gas, Electro-Pneumatic /HPA (High-Pressure Air). 

A less popular gun type are spring guns. Spring guns tend to be underpowered when compared to their electric and gas counterparts, and you’ll rarely find professional players running them. Spring guns tend to be cheap and requires the player to reset the gun after each shot manually. If you buy your guns from Walmart, there’s a good chance you’ll be purchasing a spring gun. Unless, you invest in a high powered spring sniper rifle. 

It’s recommended that you take two weapons onto the field with you such as an AEG as your primary and a gas powered pistol as your secondary. Quite frankly you never know what type of situations you’ll find yourself in during an airsoft game. For example, you might run out of ammunition during a firefight and not have time to reload. Whipping out your pistol will get you back into the fight and possibly keep you from getting eliminated. You might even find yourself in a CQB situation in which the barrel of your AEG might give you away as you’re clearing tight corners. Once again, your pistol would serve you better in such a situation. Once you’ve cleared the tight spaces, you can whip your AEG out to hit targets further away.

Choosing a High-Quality Airsoft Gun

It’s understandable if cheap airsoft gear looks appealing to you, especially if you’re on a budget. Cheap airsoft guns in general save you money during the initial purchase of course, and ammunition can be bought on a dime too. However, you’ll be getting exactly what you pay for! Cheap BBs are made from lighter weight material that is more susceptible to going off course when fired and can break up before firing causing your gun internal damage. Furthermore, cheaper guns simply don’t compare to higher quality airsoft guns in many ways and could cost you more then just a game.

You can attribute the need for good performance from you airsoft gun as just another part of the game. Airsoft guns that are accurate shoot further and jam less which will give you an advantage over your opponents. Simply knowing that your gun will perform at the moment of truth should be all the convincing you need to switch to a higher-quality airsoft gun. Cheaping out on a gun may save you money in the short term, but your performance on the airsoft field will most certainly suffer.

FPS (Feet Per Second)

One of the primary features that you should look for in your gun is FPS or “feet per second”. FPS is used to determine how fast your gun can shoot. As you might have guessed, the slower your projectile, the higher the chance that your opponent will either be able to get you first or simply slip away. Furthermore, your opponent might not even recognize that they’ve been hit if the FPS of your gun is very low. Higher FPS is better than lower, but it’s a common policy at most airsoft fields to cap FPS at a certain limit to avoid causing undue injury to the players. In such situations, single shot guns are usually allowed to shoot at a higher FPS than automatic guns. 

If you’re a new comer to the game and haven’t an idea of where to start. Check with your local Airsoft or Paintball fields you plan to play on to get their FPS limits with weapons and give you an idea on where to start looking as far as FPS. 


How accurate your airsoft gun is will determine if you can hit your opponent during an airsoft battle. FPS is NOT directly tied to the accuracy of your gun, contrary to popular belief. The harder your gun shoots, the more accurate it will be (in most cases) right? Wrong! Your Hop-Up is the key part of your gun that affects range; it can make the difference between 30m effective, accurate range and over 60m effective range. However, you can’t rely 100% on your guns Hop-Up when it comes to putting your shots on target. You also have to factor in distance, windage, ballistic drop, etc. You also have to factor in your gun sights. Is your scope adequately calibrated to engage long-range targets? A scope that hasn’t been zeroed will miss its target every time.

When buying your next airsoft gun, check to see if it has a quality Hop-Up and sights. Sights are great for putting BBs on their target. Also, keep in mind airsoft engagements are usually much closer than actual field firefights, so sights aren’t an absolute necessity. That will be determined more on where you play more often, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. It’s important to have a gun that lets you aim quickly, as you’ll only have a couple of seconds to act if an opponent comes charging around a corner. But what’s more important is that you have a quality Hop-Up and understand how to adjust it appropriately to your environment and distances. Another factor that plays into the accuracy of your airsoft gun is a BBs weight and quality. 

Metal Gears

Should you use a metal gearbox or a plastic one? Sure, plastic will serve you for a while before shutting down on you in a crucial point of a game., but in terms of longevity, a metal gearbox will typically outlast most plastic gearboxes. A plastic gearbox is more susceptible to stripping whereas even the cheapest metal gearbox will perform better and longer. Check out this article about your Rifles Gear Box

Gun Type

Perhaps the most important feature you should consider is the gun type. This can be entirely dependent on the environment where you’ll be playing. In a forest environment players sometimes prefer snipers, DMRs, and other long range rifles. Rifles tend to shoot at a higher FPS. A long-range battle is typically determined by accurate well-placed single shots rather than spraying and preying techniques. 

On the other hand, indoor environments are perfect for weapons with shorter barrels, foregrips, and folding stocks. SMGs, Shotguns, and Carbines are perfect for this role as they’re smaller in size and perfect for corning or panning. These types of airsoft guns are typically most effective out to about 30 feet or so.

Carbine designs can be considered as a combination of a rifle and an SMG. Carbines can get decent range and with a good folding stock, you can maneuver around in tight spaces. Carbines are a good all around airsoft gun and in my opinion a good starter airsoft gun for newbies. 

Rail Systems and Accessories

A majority of airsoft guns have quality rail systems readily installed. A rail system allows you to attach all sorts of accessories to your gun, such as optics, flashlights, foregrips, and the like. Rail designs like the Pictanny, Weaver, Dover Tail or VLTOR KeyMod or Magpul M-LOK offer you the ability to full tailor your weapon to your environment or playing style. Rails Systems and their Accessories you mount on them can make a world of difference while playing the game. 

Types of BBs
Airsoft BB FPS, Weight, and Optimal Range Comparison Chart

Airsoft BBs come in a few standard weights. The most common weights are 0.12 gram and 0.20 gram BBs. Other common weights are 0.25 gram, 0.28 gram, 0.30 gram, and up to 0.40 gram BBs. The weight of the airsoft BB affects how much force is needed to propel the BB out of the airsoft gun and direct its flight path after the BB is fired.

Lighter airsoft BBs, like 0.12 gram BBs, are usually designed for closer range targets. They are typically used in spring powered airsoft guns which fire them at about 250 FPS. These BBs are hollow internally and are the most accurate at close ranges. They are not recommended for use in airsoft guns with higher FPS because they can shatter causing damage to the airsoft gun and are almost completely ineffective and inaccurate at longer ranges.

Mid-range airsoft BB weights, like 0.20 gram to 0.28 gram BBs, are the “middle of the road” for airsoft BBs. These BBs have the widest use range because they are light enough to be used in airsoft guns with lower FPS at close range and strong enough to be used in airsoft guns with higher FPS at longer ranges. However, their flight paths are not as stable as heavier BBs for extreme long range usage.

Heavier airsoft BBs, like 0.30 gram to 0.40 gram BBs, are designed for the highest flight stability and longest range. They are most often used in high powered AEGS and airsoft sniper rifles. More force is needed to fire these heavier BBs, and they are more stable and accurate during flight because of it.

I recommend checking your gun’s specification when you buy a new set of BBs – usually the manufacturer lets you know which to choose. 

Airsoft BB Material and Manufacturing Quality

Airsoft BBs are only as good as the material they are made out of. There are lots of details to think about about when it comes to BB quality, but there are a few very important things to know. We’ll cover the basics here! There are two very common types of BB materials available to airsoft players, non-biodegradable airsoft BBs and biodegradable airsoft BBs.

Non-biodegradable Airsoft BBs

Non-biodegradable airsoft BBs are usually made from a plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). ABS plastic is chemically constructed from a compound with a molecular formula of (C8H8•C4H6•C3H3N)n.

ABS airsoft BBs are the cheapest, do not significantly degrade over time, are not really environmentally friendly, and are not water soluble. Because of this, many outdoor airsoft fields do not allow players to use these non-biodegradable airsoft BBs since they will literally be in the ground where they fall for a long time. However, ABS BBs are suitable for indoor use where they can be easily collected or cleaned up or on private property with the owner’s consent.

Biodegradable Airsoft BBs

Biodegradable airsoft BBs (a.k.a “bios”) are usually made from a plastic called polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA). PLA plastic is constructed from natural resources and renewable materials including corn products and certain starches with a molecular formula of (C3H4O2)n.

PLA airsoft BBs cost more than ABS BBs but are environmentally friendly, are more water soluble than ABS BBs, and break down into water and carbon dioxide in about 47 to 90 days in industrial recycling facilities or a bit longer under the right environmental conditions outdoors. Most outdoor airsoft fields require players to use these types of biodegradable airsoft BBs.

Use Biodegradable Airsoft BBs Which Are Made of PLA Plastic Material


Biodegradable Airsoft BBs Use PLA Plastic Material

The High Speed Material Difference
Use biodegradable airsoft BBs which are made of PLA plastic material. This helps keep the playing fields and earth cleaner! When shopping for airsoft BBs, look for airsoft BBs are only made from PLA plastic or marked as “bios”. These types of airsoft BBs are biodegradable and leave a minimum signature behind when played with. You can do your part to keep the earth as clean as possible keep the Earth green and plastic free. Please join our efforts to keep airsoft fields the way we found them by using biodegradable BBs. Now on-word to the Best Airsoft Guns for 2020

Best Airsoft Pistols For 2020

GLOCK Gen 4 G17


  • Color: Black
  • 300 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Magazine: 24rds
  • Green Gas / Propane Powered
  • Realistic Blowback Action
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Glock Generation 4 Customize-able Pistol Grip
  • Enlarged Magazine Catch
  • Realistic Replica
  • Fully Authentic Licensing by Glock
  • Mounted Iron Sights
  • Full Metal Slide
  • Mounted Accessory Rail
  • Safe/Semi Auto

This semi-auto gas blowback Glock comes as a loyal replica of its Austrian real steel counterpart. This means that it is fully licensed by Glock, and it works, feels and takes apart like the real deal. The design is simple yet powerful and the action is reliable (which is why so many military and law enforcement agencies use the real steel version).

Besides the realistic design and weight, the airsoft Glock Gen 4 G17 has a nice blowback motion to it. Furthermore, for players to be able to enjoy that blowback to the maximum, the grip is specially designed to improve usage. The standard option helps reduce player fatigue and fits comfortably in most palms. Still, if you’re not happy, you have the option to change it. Also a huge perk it universally fits in holsters designed for it’s real steel counterparts. 

KWA M93R-2


  • Gas System: New Structure (NS2)
  • Velocity: 330+ fps with 0. 20 gram BB’s
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Propellant: Green Gas / Propane Adapter
  • Realistic field stripping
  • 32 Round Mag

Knock your opponents off their feet with the KWA M93R2 NS2 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol. Instead of a single shot side arm, the KWA M93R2 NS2 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol sports a triple burst mode which lets you unleash extra firepower when pinned down.

Sporting a 32 round Green Gas magazine, you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo any time soon. Coupled with an all metal slide and body, your KWA M93R2 NS2 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol is capable of enduring heavy abuse while on the field.

The KWA M93R2 NS2 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol includes a fold out fore grip to help you stabilize your marker and control it in close quarter combat scenarios.

Best Airsoft SMGs For 2020

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 BET Carbine


  • The ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 BET is constructed entirely out of glass fiber reinforced PA6 polymers to replicate the durability, look, and feel of the actual CZ EVO 3 A1; which also in turn makes the weapon incredibly light weight and maneuverable
  • Computerized MOSFET and trigger system
  • High torque neodymium magnet motor
  • CNC-processed aluminum gearbox with quick-change spring feature
  • NEW Carbine handguard: Continuous top Picatinny rail, 5 M-LOK attachment points each at the 3 and 9 oclock positions , 6 M-LOK attachment points at the 6 oclock position
  • NEW integrated custom Carbine barrel extension tube with small orange tip
  • NEW 407 mm inner barrel

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible. Like a real gun, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and require manipulation of the bolt catch after a reloaded magazine has been inserted in order to fire. Where the standard in Airsoft is to replicate the exterior in appearance only, the EVO 3 is built to be as tough as the real thing. Additionally, the internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced functions by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle both powerful springs and high-speed solutions.

The ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 BET Carbine has taken the original EVO 3 internals and externals and put them towards a longer carbine version of the already proven EVO 3 AEG.  Utilizing a new carbine handguard, integrated barrel extension, and elongated precision inner barrel, this new carbine package provides the user with a more field ready AEG while still retaining the ergonomic and high performance features and functions of the original Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG.

Krytac KRISS USA Vector


  • Licensed KRISS Vector GEN II housing, Licensed KRISS Vector GEN II folding stock, Licensed DEFIANCE® flip up iron sights
  • Ambidextrous fire selector, Semi, two-round burst, full auto fire modes; Ambidextrous safety
  • KRISS Vector GEN II pivoting trigger
  • MIL-STD 1913 picatinny top rail, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny bottom rail
  • 8mm VECTOR gearbox, Integrated Krytac FET system, Electronic trigger
  • Quick change spring, Padded cylinder head, Relief cut cylinder window, Adjustable rotary hop-up, Temperature and wear resistant bucking
  • Krytac 30K neodymium magnets, high torque, short type motor

FPS Range: 350-380

This rifle has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a Krytac: a digital trigger and fire selector thanks to the digital MOSFET technology; a dual aperture on the rear sight and folding/lock-in stock, both of which make this gun ideal for both long-range and CQB firefights, a numbered hop-up dial, easily swappable rails – we could go on and on, and will, later in the article. The one thing you will find when you use this rifle for the first time, is that everything just feels right. While the Kriss Vector has a futuristic design, when you lock and load this gun, everything clicks and falls into place like it should. There are only a few cons to this rifle: its price (at $450 USD, it is not cheap), and its small battery compartment located in the pistol grip. However, you get what you pay for, and when you use the Krytac Kriss Vector, you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Krytac is the not new kid on the airsoft block they’ve been around since 2013; they do not disappoint. Their LVOA and Trident guns were both well-received by the industry. The Krytac Kriss Vector has been hyped up and awaited by the airsoft community for a long time. Part of the attraction and charm of the Krytac Kriss Vector is that it is actually made by Kriss, the manufacturer of the actual Vector. That’s right – Krytac is the simulation division of Kriss, and Kriss makes the futuristic, space-age looking gun that is featured in so many video games. Tom Clancy’s line of video games was a particular fan of the Kriss Vector, featuring it in just about all of its games – from Splinter Cell to The Division to Rainbow Six Siege. Even Call of Duty has featured this gun in their games.
Just like the actual Vector, the gun has the exact dimensions as its firearm counterpart, and just 100 grams short of the real Vector’s 2.7kg weight.

Krytac’s Kriss Vector is equipped with digital MOSFET and an all-custom, ambidextrous 8mm mechbox. The rifle features a battery disconnect, disconnecting the battery from the digital MOSFET when the safety is switched on. The hop-up is built with a rotary, numbered switch. The battery is located in the pistol grip, which is cramped, and Krytac says it will take up to a 11.1 LiPo battery that is 116m or less, but we had to order a shorter custom 11.1 LiPo battery to fit for the chronograph.


Here is where the Vector really shines. The Vector is so intuitive and well-made that it feels like a natural extension of your arm. With the Vector in fully automatic mode, you feel unstoppable with this PDW, and I couldn’t shake feeling like a special forces soldier with this gun. Shooting targets on semi-automatic was effortless, and incredibly consistent, and I felt like a marksman shooting this baby. The fact that Krytac’s Vector looks and feels identical to the Kriss Vector firearm doesn’t hurt.

When placed on the chronograph, the Vector shoots at 17RPS and 420FPS with a shorter 11.1v LiPo battery. The iron sights, like everything else with the Vector, are surprisingly intuitive, and you will notice that you don’t need to hunch when lining up your shot. The trigger feels good, but with the MOSFET and the 2-round burst, we did notice a few half-pulls.

G&G CM16 ARP-9 Carbine 


  •  340 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • 300 BB high capacity stick magazine
  • LiPO compatible AEG
  • Version 2 Gearbox with MOSFET and Electronic Trigger Unit
  • Programmable Burst-Fire functionality
  • 5″ Milspec MLOK Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Fire Controls and Mag Release
  • Collapsible Tanker style Stock
  • Flip up Iron Sights

2019’s hottest new arrival, the G&G CM16 ARP-9 Carbine is the Speedsofter’s CQB friend with all the features and accessories you could hope for. Ultra-compact, ambidextrous, lightweight, and powerful, this AEG comes packs a 340 FPS punch with a programmable MOSFET for burst fire functionality. Aftermarket accessories for this highly successful AEG have also hit the market in the forms of 1,500 BB Drum Magazines and battery stock extension units that allow for even larger capacity LiPO batteries to be used. 

This is a rather unique configuration in the airsoft world as it features a super-compact style. The short quad rail foregrip makes a fantastic fit for CQB situations and the impressive features make it a must-have on the airsoft field. And if that wasn’t enough G&G made an entire line of powder-coated accents in their Super Ranger series of ARP-9s that allow you to choose between Silver, Sky, Amber, Jade, and Fire to truly personalize your new piece!

Pretty cool design

While it may be compact, the gun is still designed with taste and elegance. The foregrip and upper rail give it a rugged, mean look but they also improve the level of comfort and number of accessories you can mount.

The pistol grip is not wide (it is comfortable though), which makes the ARP9 a good fit for young and inexperienced players. The 6-position adjustable LE stock and polymer body make it easy to handle in a CQB situation, and the flippable front and rear sights help with your aim.

The famous G&G gearbox

The full-metal G&G gearbox is well-known among airsofters for its reliability and solid design, but the cool thing is that the ARP9 allows you to build on it. I also like that the rifle supports a backup battery (in case the one in use runs out) and the adjustable Hop Up, which makes your life a little easier.

With this super-compact rifle, you have the possibility to choose between semi and full auto fire modes, and you can get to 330-340 FPS due to the high torque motor. 

Adjustable stock & High-cap magazine

The stock deserves a mention of its own and I’ll start by saying that the 6 positions make this CQB rifle a fantastic fit for all types of players, from young ones to big ones. The stock also houses the battery compartment. 

Overall, the ARP9 is lightweight, but you should know it packs a serious punch. Finally, the high-cap magazine makes it a beast in the field, and increases your chances at winning.

Best Airsoft Shotgun for 2020

JAG Arms SPX2 Scattergun Shotgun


  • 3 Burst & 6 Burst Firing Modes
  • M4 Stock Adapter with Stock
  • Full Length Top Rail
  • Flip Up Sights
  • QS Sling Points
  • Integrated Shell Holder
  • Metal Construction
  • Polymer Hand Guard & Grip
  • Top Rail Segment for Optics
  • Fixed Hop up
  • Buffer Tube Gas Reservoir
  • Muzzle Velocity: 300-330 FPS

Take your shotgun game game to the next level this year with the JAG Arms SPX2 Scattergun shotgun! The retractable stock design of the SPX2 scattergun allows the user to adjust the platform for closer or further contact with the airsoft gun and the body. JAG Arms SPX2 Scattergun uses a pistol grip combined with the retractable stock for ultimate comfort and weapon manipulation. Additionally, there are keymod slots on the hand guard for better customization. Reload with ease, the side shell holder allows quicker reloading without having to reach into your pouches. A top rail segment is included so that an optic or other tactical accessories can be installed.

Powered by green gas, this all metal shotgun is capable of firing between three and six BB’s at one time by manipulating a switch near the ejection port. The scatterguns have three inner barrels with individual fixed hop up units, giving you great CQB range as well as a decent amount of BB spread. The shotgun features a gas reservoir located in the buffer tube of the airsoft gun that can hold approximately hold 110 shots per fill (shot per fill will vary on weather, shooting practice and # of rounds per shot used). The shotgun is compatible with any TM 30 round style shell, and the 30 round shells used for UTG Spring Shotguns, which is predominately used in M3 style triburst shotguns. One major advantage that a gas shotgun has over a spring shotgun is the ease in which it takes to cock the gun. Without a spring needing to be compressed, the hand guard moves almost effortlessly for speedy followup shots. In addition, the realism in both operation and sound is unparalleled in gas shotguns.

The gun is metal based with a shot velocity of 300-330 FPS in burst fire mode and 370 FPS in single fire mode.

Best Airsoft Rifles for 2020

Colt M4A1 Full Metal 13″ Keymod


  • 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Full Metal Externals
  • 13″ Keymod Rail System
  • 3 Keymod Rail Segments Included
  • Fully Licensed COLT Trademarks
  • Adjustable Crane Stock
  • Adjustable BAXS System Hop Up
  • Flip-up Front & Rear Iron Sights
  • Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox (Rear Wired)
  • (2) 350 BB Metal High Capacity Magazines
  • NIMH Battery & Standard Charger Included
  • Cybergun Licensed Product
  • OEM by CYMA

A perfect blend of 3 cutting edge & well known firearms names and features:

  • KEYMOD – The evolution of the classic picatinny/weaver rail system to become lighter, slick, and modular.
  • COLT – Premiere firearms designers, engineers, and manufacturers since 1855.
  • CYMA – Durable, dependable, affordable airsoft gun manufacturers.


With a metal keymod rail system mounted to an all-metal upper and lower receiver set, this AEG is rugged and rock-solid. The 13″ Keymod RIS system highlights this rifle’s adaptability for any skirmish or scenario. This added barrel length as well as rail space makes this an ideal outdoors or field rifle with its added range and accessory space for customization needed in many outdoor operations. With the 3 included keymod rail sections and continuous upper picatinny/weaver/20mm rail, a wide variety of aftermarket accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, scopes, and more can be easily mounted, relocated, or removed with ease. The adjustable multi-position nylon crane stock houses the included batteries. Flip-up front and rear sights can be used as primary sights or as backups to aftermarket optics as well.


This AEG comes with an all-metal Version 2 rear-wired gearbox. It is Tokyo Marui parts compatible design allows for easy maintenance and upgrading with a wide variety of aftermarket AEG parts. Cybergun’s BAXS System adjustable hop up and barrel system in combination with CYMA’s gearbox has this rifle tuned to fire at ~350 FPS with 0.20g BBs.

Overall this rifle from Colt is hands down a beast and somewhat of a Transformer in a way with the all the different ways you can customize it. From the internals to the externals, you can tell right away that thie AEG was made with love. If you’re looking for a M4 Platform that will surely out preform then the Colt M4A1 Full Metal 13″ Keymod AEG is the way to go!

VFC Avalon Gen 2 Series


  • 360-380 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • 11.1v LiPO Ready AEG (Battery not included)
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Aftermarket QRS Externals
  • Easy to adjust Rotary Hop-up Unit
  • Keymod & Picatinny Rail System
  • Ambidexterous Magazine Release
  • Gen 2 Avalon Version 2 Gearbox with MOSFET
  • Flip up Iron Sights
  • Extremely rugged, durable externals

From the partnership between Umarex USA and legendary airsoft gun manufacturer VFC comes the VFC Calibur series AEGs powered by the new Gen 2 Avalon Gearbox. Building upon the success of their H&K416 AEGs, the new Calibur series has updated externals including all new QRS externals such as the Stock, Magazine, Grip, Trigger Guard, and Trigger. A new Keymod & Picatinny/Weaver hybrid rail system maximizes accessory mounting options. These rifles are available in Tan/Black two-tone or all black colorations to fit most loadouts and kits. The Avalon Gearbox features an integrated MOSFET and quick change spring system to allow for a wide variety of FPS and RPS for whatever the situation calls for. If you’re looking for a high-end AEG this is one of the best choices for 2019. 

The VFC Avalon Gen 2 Calibur M4 CQC Airsoft AEG or Avalon Series is the latest generation of next level AEGs from VegaForceCompany (VFC) meant to allow the shooter to compete at the absolute highest level. Numerous enhancements have gone into the Avalon series AEGs that puts them in a league of their own. Notable improvements inside and out include an Elite Force flat-faced blade trigger, super high-torque motor for faster trigger response and cycle rate, quick-change spring for upgrading or downgrading the velocity to comply with field limits, VFC QRS enhanced modular stock and textured pistol grip, VFC QRS trigger finger rest (a first in the industry), Avalon custom gearbox, CNC aluminum handguard, and a 120-round updated QRS mid-cap magazine. The VR16 Calibur Carbine features a Keymod handguard, compatible with industry standard Keymod accessories. Trigger response and cycle rate are sure to impress even the most discerning airsoft players. If you demand high performance with a sleek exterior, we welcome you to explore the VFC Avalon series AEGs.

LCT Airsoft AK74 Carbine AEG

Manufacturer: LCT
Model: AK74
Muzzle Velocity: 380-390 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 130 rds
Color: Black / Wood
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
Warranty Length: 45 Days
Warranty Handler: Airsoft GI


  • Stamped Steel Construction
  • Real Wood Hand Guard & Stock
  • Side AK Optic Mount Attachment
  • Large Stock Battery Compartment

LCT boasts with one of the most realistic AKs on the market, right now. The LCT Airsoft AK74 is a high quality built airsoft gun that has a fantastic body that feels great in your hands. The majority of the airsoft gun is made with stamped steel complimented with real wood hand guards and stock. The real wood finish fits perfectly with the airsoft gun giving it a more authentic look for your loadout. On the side of the rifle is a mounting area where you can attach a scope mount for optics. This is great for those that want to add a red dot sight to acquire targets quicker. The full stock holds the battery compartment that is accessed through a screw. Overall, LCT offers a well made airsoft gun that will be a great addition for your arsenal.

Solid build, designed to take quite a beating

Now, if you didn’t know there’s a battery inside the stock powering this gun, you may be inclined to believe this is the real deal. The body is beautifully designed to be rugged and stiff, giving it a manly appearance.

The battery is easy to reach, by simply removing the top side of the receiver, and you can easily fit one 8.4 or 9.6 NIMH stick-style in there. 

Finally, the gun comes equipped with a multi-position LE style stock, that allows anyone to use it in a CQB situation. The move from one position to another is fluid, and the rifle feels quite nice in your hands.

Impressive Features

I like the fact that LCT decided to provide players with lots of space on the rails (you have uppe and lower rails, but some elements can be mounted on the side as well), which means you can add a scope. Also, the internal gearbox is high-quality with good wiring, and the gun makes quite a nice sound.

The gun comes with one metal 130 mid cap AK style magazine and shoots at about 12 BBs per second. Also, it’s easy to take apart (just like an AK would be) and the build is extremely solid.

Good Performance and Value

The LCT AK74 AEG is powerful (about 380FPS) and accurate. Overall, it is a nice range AEG that will definitely improve your collection!

Best Airsoft Heavy Machine Guns for 2020

A&K M249 MK II PARA Full Metal SAW

Gearbox Type: CA Type
Length: 1045mm
Accuracy: 120 feet
Muzzle Velocity: 410-420 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 2400 rounds
Battery Pack Size: Mini
Package Includes: Manual, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod, Box Magazine

Metal Spring Guide
Skeletal Stock
Folding Metal Bi-pod
Redesigned Gear Box
New Hop-Up Chamber Design
8mm Bearing Gear Box

A&K releases the A&K M249 MK II PARA their rendition of the M249 MKII squad automatic weapon (SAW) to the airsoft market. Weighing in at 15 lbs, this full metal SAW is built from a solid and durable metal frame with nylon fiber hand guards, stock, motor grip, and comes with a foldable front carry handle. The handguard is molded around a fold-away steel bipod which makes this SAW quick and easy to deploy on the field. The auto-winding box magazine carries a staggering 2,400 BBs that winds automatically and is also triggered by sound. The A&K M249 is also takes Tokyo Marui-compatible magazines. 

The collapsible stock makes this one of the most compact SAWs on the market. Internally, the A&K M249’s gearbox features 8mm metal bushings and hardened gears for sustained suppressing fire. Furthermore, the A&K gearbox features a quick-change spring system for easily changing the FPS on the field when necessary. The firing modes for this version of the 249 are full-auto and safe. A&K installed a high-torque motor allowing this AEG to pull a heavier spring for greater FPS. The inner barrel is 363mm long for greater accuracy over longer distances. When taking the fight to the enemy team and supporting your squad, look no further than A&K’s M249 SAW!

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle For 2020

JG M70 VSR10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


  • Color: Wood (Simulated)
  • Operation: Bolt Action Spring
  • Fire Selection: Safe – Fire
  • Velocity (Approx.): 375 FPS w/ .20g
  • Magazine Compatibility: Unique / Gun Specific
  • Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Range (Approx.): 150 +/- Feet
  • Ammo: .20g / .23g / .25g / .28g Seamless
  • Hopup: Yes (Adjustable)
  • Manufacturer: Jing Gong
  • Scale: 1:1 Full Size Replica
  • Receiver Material: High Strength ABS Polymer
  • Barrel Length: 430mm
  • Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.08mm
  • Metal Inner & Outer Barrel
  • Top RIS Rail
  • Rear and Rear Sling Mounts
  • Bipod Swivel Mount
  • Upgradable
  • Authentic Look & Feel
  • Competition Made And Ready Sniper Rifle

JG’s BAR-10 sniper rifle is extremely light, barely over the weight of a lot of airsoft pistols. This means that it won’t wear you down during a longer game and is easy to transport, even after adding all your favorite accessories. Even with upgrades and a new inner barrel, your customized BAR-10/VSR-10 will be extremely light and a pleasure to carry around.

The muzzle velocity is very impressive for a stock sniper rifle, fast enough to use on airsoft fields. However, with the right upgrades, the JG Bar 10 is capable of hitting 500 FPS+ even with heavier BBs. You may want to check the rules for FPS limits of bolt-action sniper rifles at your local field before considering which spring upgrade to go with.

The BAR 10 is modeled on Tokyo Marui’s VSR-10 platform for a reason – the VSR-10 platform is the standard platform for sniper rifle upgrades, so you’ll have no problem finding a great selection for customizing this rifle to be your dream sniper rifle. This is great for the real enthusiast and more experienced snipers that have specialized roles and are looking to invest and a high-performance BASR.pistols

Most of the disadvantages and cons of the JG BAR-10 come with using the rifle stock. As this sniper rifle is meant to be upgraded, so if you are looking to use this rifle stock for any length of time (or indefinitely), you’ll probably run into performance and accuracy issues. Without upgrades, the JG BAR-10 is known to double fire, have internal parts that are not screwed on tight enough, and sometimes run into shot curving because the hop-up is tough to hit a sweet spot with. A new spring, gearbox, and inner barrel should be the first parts on your list for upgrades if upgrading this to a custom sniper rifle is your goal.

Again, the stock version is not the most durable option because it has more nylon polymer parts than metal (only metal bolt and metal cylinder system). A metal gearbox and metal inner barrel and stock are strong indicators of the lifespan of an airsoft weapon so not having these features will limit its stock performance.

Overall, the JG BAR-10 G-Spec airsoft sniper rifle is a terrific, entry-level sniper platform. Not only is it the go-to platform to build more high-end snipers with but, it also performs good enough in its stock form to use in local pickup games – especially those with 450 FPS or less sniper rifle field limits.

Best Airsoft Vintage Rifle

WinGun Mosin Nagant M44


  • Color: Wood
  • 480 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Magazine: 12rd
  • Weight: 8.2lbs
  • 12g Co2 Powered
  • Realistic Faux-Wood ABS Construction
  • Textured and Stained Finish
  • Full Metal Barrel
  • Permanently Integrated Folding Steel Bayonet
  • Full Metal Magazine
  • Bolt Action with Smooth Cycle Bolt
  • Bolt Safety
  • Metal Trigger Assembly
  • Efficient Non-Blowback Design
  • Authentic M44 Replica
  • Integrated Front Sight / Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Front and Rear Sling Mounts
  • Canvas and Leather Strapped Included
  • Realistic Trigger Pull
  • Fixed Hop Up
  • Safe / Single Shot

As the perfect replica of the real-steel M44 used in WW2, the airsoft version comes with and ABS body that imitates wood color and texture extremely well, steel and aluminum parts, and it features a stunning, fresh look on the airsoft field. I am sure you know the design from war-oriented movies and so many video games, but it’s a whole new experience to actually hold it in your hands. To make the experience more realistic, you can attach a sling to it, as it comes equipped with two sling points and two different straps (canvas and leather). We love this classic, and that’s why it gets our nod as one of the best airsoft guns on the market.

A spring bolt action battle rifle with an included bayonet

Because it is a battle rifle, with realistic dimensions, you can’t expect it to be lightweight. The gun weighs about 8.2 pounds and it doesn’t have a foldable stock! It also features two adjustable sights on top of the barrel, meaning you can use them in both lowered and raised positions (when it’s raised, the sight can be adjusted).

The 12-round metallic magazine is small and cute (unlike most of the modern airsoft weapons) and the mag release button is right above the trigger. This way, you can’t hit it by mistake and it’s not too difficult to reach. There is an adjustable Hop Up that comes in handy when you need to account for variations in wind conditions or target range.

Impressive Performance on the Field

No, it won’t spray the BBs, but it does shoot them at about 480 FPS, with high-precision accuracy (at 40m+).  However, you have to be prepared for some heavy bolt action, especially if the gun is new. You can use the sights for aiming, but for long distances, I recommend getting a decent scope.

Overall, the WinGun managed to replicate a wonderfully beautiful battle rifle and they did a fantastic job with both the internal and the exterior!

Best Airsoft Guns For 2020 Final Thoughts

So there you have it folks. From Airsoft Pistols to Vintage Airsoft pieces we covered some of the most poplar Airsoft Guns on the market today. Now that’s not to say that I’ve missed a few and I’m sure you’ll won’t hesitate to drop your favorites from last year and beyond in the comment section below. 

So whether or not you’re new to the game, remember. Invest your time and money wisely doing a bit of research and it will pay off the future. Not only will you invest in an airsoft gun that will serve your playing style but you’re also paying for future upgradability. Make sure you don’t be cheapskate here. 

Thanks everyone for reading and again don’t forget to leave your thoughts on what’s your favorite Airsoft Guns in the comments below and before you leave make sure to check out our full inventory of Airsoft gear for your next event or Mil-Sim @ MyApx.


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